These Candleholders Have Style To Burn

Wanted: Vases, Vials, and Candleholders for Tchotchke-loving Minimalists

Like pierced tin chandeliers, light shines through the openings, creating intriguing patterns. Candleholders with mirrored bases as well as those made of mercury glass also lend their reflective qualities. Wood candleholders are perennial favorites. Dark woods have increased in popularity, as they have in furniture design, and their placement has a grounding impact similar to that of black. A contemporary option is a long, narrow container or tray with recessed spaces for a row of round tea lights. It makes a simple architectural statement as a centerpiece on a dining table or on a cocktail table. Wood pillar holders can be grouped for visual strength. Whimsy and drama Figural pieces are popular among enthusiasts who deck the halls and adorn each room with ornaments, garlands and the like for Christmas. These include angels, Santas and reindeer, among others. They can be dramatic, including the regally Florentine-style garbed angels with gold wings, each arm holding a candle, and Santas with flowing robes and golden staffs available this season from Horchow.
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Candleholders fire up drama

Over time, candleholders have been crafted from metal, glass or crystal, porcelain, ceramic, resin and wood, as well as mixed media. From holders to accommodate short votives to tall tapers some extend up to nearly 4 feet to candelabra whose multiple “arms” housing lights can be significantly wide. Price tags range from under $1 to nearly $9,000 for a Baccarat crystal candelabrum. Shape is pushing the design envelope. Among the newest designs are engaging sculptural looks that celebrate form. A dragon shape interpreted in richly detailed nickel-coated brass was designed by Josie Natori, and is available at Neiman Marcus. An organic interpretation of the traditional menorah is handsomely hand-carved out of a single piece of mango wood.
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20 Candle votives under $20

Bubbled glass candle holder

The new line of household and desk items from the British brand Minimalux has a Victorian soul and a Modernist face. Many of the objects are quaint to the point of being silly — who outside of Liz Taylor would use a pill vial nowadays? — but stripped of decorative flourishes and done up in shiny metals, they adopt an irresistible contemporary sheen. On pure aesthetic grounds, they’re stunning. The collection includes vases, candleholders, eating utensils (yes, that’s a spork below), pill tubes, and a curious, spinning desktop gizmo (above), which the press release calls “a mirror, a stress reliever, an aid for thinking” or something to enjoy ?for its formal presence.” Everything’s made in England, drawing on production processes that hark back to the nation’s rich engineering history. Minimalux has also unveiled several products that look almost identical to its first line only they’re color anodized (below and up top). This is the second collection from Minimalux, the luxury design company Established & Sons cofounder Mark Holmes formed at the apogee of the recession a year and a half ago. Read our coverage of the launch here .
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Homemade Candle Holders: DIY Ideas For Tealights, Votives And More

Drinking glasses are just great for holding your votives. Heres a super sly trick to keep the wax from adhering to the dish, thus ruining it: put about a centimeter of water in the bottom. It wont disturb the candle and it will keep the wax from sealing tight. Sissie’s Shabby Cottage via Upside-Down Wine Glass A wine or champagne glass, flipped on its head, makes an elegant and unexpected candle display. The base is naturally inverted making it perfect to hold a tea light, which looks lovely suspended on the tall delicate stem. For extra pizzazz, add a pretty object underneath the glass. Its like a miniature bell jar! Something like a big bright flower (no stem, just the bloom flush on the table), or a pine cone, or a sea shell.
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8 Bubbled glass candleholder This unique bubbled glass candleholder works well for both fall and into the holiday season thanks to the festive splash of antiqued silver running though it (, $10). 9 Square glass votives Simple and chic, these small square votive holders are easy to decorate with and create a uniform look if you want to take a more minimalist approach to candles this fall (, $1). 10 Flowerpot votives Line up several of these frosted glass votive holders in the shape of cute flowerpots along your kitchen window for a look that’s fun but also stylish (, $7 for 12). 11 Hobnail votive cup These black mercury glass hobnail votive cups add a touch of dramatic ambiance to any room in the house (, $7). 12 Clear glass tea light holder A grouping of six or seven of these clear glass candleholders would create a romantic centerpiece or coffee table display (Ikea, $1, available in store). 13 Orange candleholder Add a pop of bold color to any surface or room that needs a boost by displaying a few of these aluminum candleholders with a splash of hand-painted orange enamel on the inside (, $4). They also come in green. 14 Purple votive holders We love the bold elegance of these deep purple votive holders that make it easy to add color to any room (, $8 for 12). Create groupings in one area, or spread them out where you want to add some colorful ambiance. 15 Mosaic votives A mosaic of rectangular mirrored glass tiles creates a sophisticated, stylish effect on these versatile votives (, $8).
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