‘6 Candles’ Review: Shaam Excels In This Otherwise Lousy Tamil Film

Fred’s Cake Candelabra Is On Our Birthday List (PHOTO)

cake candelabra

Indian audiences like being emotionally hijacked, and that is what most of our films do. But then, drama in a film is most appreciated when it makes audiences cry; in ‘6 Candles’, it’s characters that do the crying. Shaam tried to pull off a one-man show, but he puts audiences in misery in the process. He has worked extremely hard and there’s absolutely no doubt about it, but he takes audiences for granted, and thus earns their wrath. At a time when the entire industry safely bets on comedy, ‘6 Candles’ tries to break that mould with high emotion. But watching the film, one wishes that at least one character was intelligent enough to stop crying and think with a straight head. I think audiences by now do not really need to be told what happens to a child who gets kidnapped, many of them end up begging on streets, or are pushed into prostitution. Showing what happens to kidnapped children was perhaps not necessary at all, and it might have helped make the narrative a powerful thriller, instead.
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