There’s An Alarm Clock App For Justin Bieber’s The Key Fragrance

House Of Style

He released an app. More specifically, an alarm clock app . For his fragrance. Does this compute? If you’re a little lost, we don’t blame you. Sleep and perfumes don’t often (ever?) go hand-in-hand. The rationale, we believe, is that the entire fragrance campaign has revolved around the idea of Bieber somehow unlocking your bedroom door (y’know, with The Key) to visit you at night. Whether that’s in your dreams or IRL is left ~up to the imagination~. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 27, 2013 This is just Part 3 of the Justin Bieber fragrance/marketing trilogy that so expertly plays RIGHT into the fantasy factory that is a teenage girl’s mind, overflowing with hormones.
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Is Pharrell Working on a Fragrance?

27, 2013 12:17 PM PDT Loading… Talk about heaven sentor should we say, heaven scent? Judging from what Nicki Minaj recently told us about her latest fragrance, Minajesty, wearers of the perfume might want to prepare themselves for a holy experience. “My second fragrance has hints of vanilla, woodsy stuff, lemon, everything great that God ever created,” she said of her second fragrance. Quite the ringing endorsement, if you ask us! “God is in that bottle,” she joked. “If you want to be blessed, spray it on you three times a day.” And you can definitely consider Minaj a devout devotee of the Minajesty scent. “I’m obsessed with it,” she gushed. “No lie, I go through a bottle a week.”
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Nicki Minaj Says Minajesty Fragrance Has Hints of “Everything Great That God Ever Created”

The producer will also launch his own fragrance, this according to Details. During an interview with the magazine, he confirmed that he’s working on his scent. Well, it’s unclear whether this was before or after the conversation, or what was exactly revelead, as Detailsonly mentions it briefly in the article. “While Williams considers music ‘the nucleus of everything,’ the orbiting particles include fashion… and he’s making plans to add perfumer, architect, and filmmaker to hisresume,” writes the Detailsstaff. Later: “He’s at work on creating a fragrance…” Pharrell didn’t add much, only describing what his process is like when working on a project. “I create based on what I feel like is missing,” he told Details. “You jump in and follow your gut. It’s like a sculptureyou’re just adding on more clay, you’re chiseling away and adding on until you feel like it’s done, and you stand back and go, ‘Oh! It’s a person.'” What will the fragrance smell like?
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Saks Celebrates Its New Fragrance Floor With 10 Days of Events


9). To fete the redesign, Saks is hosting 10 days of events, beginning tomorrow with a gift given to the first 500 customers to buy a fragrance. Thereafter, every single day there will be a planned activity on the floor and they’ll continue in the new space every Thursday throughout the fall with weekly events including master classes with fragrance experts, customized gifts with purchase, special wrapping services and themed happy hours. For an idea of what’s to come, checkout the events slated for the coming days below. Penhaligon’s: Thursday, September 26 The American Ballet Theatre will be dancing throughout the new space in celebration of Penhaligon’s latest ballet-inspired fragrance, Iris Prima. Le Labo: Friday, September 27 Le Labo founder Fabrice Penot will be personally snapping Polaroids with customers and hand-mixing fragrances on-site using fresh ingredients. Carven: Saturday, September 28 Customers will take away floral bouquets inspired by the French design house’s signature scent and conjured up live by master florists as a gift with purchase. Acqua di Parma: Sunday, September 29 An interactive display will allow customers to experience firsthand how Acqua di Parma candles are crafted from start to finish. Cartier: Monday, September 30 Commemorate the relaunch of Le Baisier du Dragon and receive a key for a chance to win a gift when you unlock the Cartier jewel box. Diptyque: Tuesday, October 1 Limited-edition candles typically only sold in Diptyque boutiquesCannelle, Chene, Tilleul and Aubepinewill be available at Saks; customers will receive complimentary gift wrapping with any purchase.
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